Dawn Tonneau, Licensed Massage Therapist

Reboot your body with Myofascial Release massage therapy! What types of issues may respond to MFR?

* Areas of chronic muscle pain or tension
* Fibromyalgia
* Low back pain
* Areas with reduced range of motion, such as neck, shoulders, and hips
* Sports and other injuries
* Plantar fasciitis
* Whiplash
* Joint issues/replacements
* Post-surgery
* Scar reduction
* Pelvic imbalances

Fascial restrictions can occur as a result of injury, bracing oneself against pain, inflammation, surgery, and chronic poor posture. Trauma and stress can also play a role in developing restrictions due to the conscious or subconscious ways we hold our bodies in response.

MFR helps restore your fascial tissue back to its original healthy state, allowing your body to move well and feel well once again.


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