Candidate Forum 2021

Candidates shared their information with us for this forum. If a name appears without accompanying information, it means the person appears on the ballot for the given office but information was not received from him or her.



Matthew J. Stanley

I am running on the Democratic and Labor lines. Having grown up as a fourth generation resident of the Town of Jay, I decided this was the best place to start a family with my wife, Shannon. We built a home on my great-grandparents’ land while raising our two daughters, Jenna and Addie. I graduated from AVCS with honors, then I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of South Florida. Upon returning to the Town of Jay, I took a position in management at Santa’s Workshop, where I am currently the General Manager on a part time basis. In order to better manage the business, I have taken several classes on management and accounting.
I have thought about running for office in the past, but this year, I feel I am uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between those of us born in the Town of Jay and our neighbors who have chosen to move here. If I am elected, I plan to resign my position at the NYS Department of Corrections to devote myself to the full time position of Town Supervisor. Here are a few issues I plan to tackle: 

·         I plan on being more transparent with our residents and having open communication between the supervisor, the board, and our constituents.  I will accomplish this by involving the townspeople with information before, during, and after board meetings, through weekly Supervisor updates and quarterly newsletters, and being active in the community by attending meetings and events.  
·         I will be very vocal for the Town of Jay at the county, state, and federal levels of government. I will actively listen, ask questions, and make recommendations on behalf of our town. I will seek to be on committees at the county level, encourage meetings with our state and federal representatives, and join local, state, and national associations. 
·         I plan on being proactive, not reactive. I would like to have regular disaster preparedness committee meetings, build a multi-year financial plan (i.e. equipment replacement, building upgrades, etc.), and a plan to obtain and retain quality employees.

For more information about these and more issues, please visit my Facebook page:
You can also listen to my interview with Whispering Adirondacks Radio at:
Although this is my first time being a candidate for public office, I feel my life experience, leadership qualities, and compassion for my native town make me an excellent candidate for the office of Supervisor in the Town of Jay.

Garth Rogers

Party Affiliation:

Republican but running on Independent ballot line

Job Qualifications:

After working at several different career paths as a young man I ultimately settled on becoming a union Inside Wireman in the IBEW.  As an electrician I enjoyed working for many different contractors and projects.  Throughout my career I continued to aggressively educate myself and pursue all available training in my industry. After working as a foreman for several years I went on to become an estimator, project manager, senior project manager, operations manager and eventually assumed executive management roles for several large national electrical construction companies. Ultimately I opened my own electrical contracting and consulting business.  I started with one employee at my kitchen table and now employ well over one hundred people, performing work nationally and internationally.

Throughout my construction career I have successfully managed and completed more than six hundred million dollars’ worth of construction contracts, including the completion of several very high profile projects.  My experience includes over two decades of successfully managing varied business responsibilities, including operations management, project management, engineering, human resources, creating and managing budgets for everything from individual projects, to departments and entire organizations, negotiating complex business contracts with both clients and vendors, managing complex corporate financial obligations, managing corporate legal and compliance obligations, liaising with outside consultants, accountants and attorneys on a regular basis.

Key Goals if Elected:

As town supervisor my focus will be to provide effective leadership to our community. My first priority is to bring the town council members together and create a productive work atmosphere where as a group we can accomplish positive goals for the community.

Second would be to do a full and comprehensive review of the budget, with an emphasis on properly funding the DPW and its employees and doing our best to fully fund everything we have and need as a community while lowering taxes to be in line with our surrounding communities.  Additionally I would look to put in place a comprehensive community marketing program to attract our fair share of seasonal tourism revenue while mentoring and encouraging more residents to start local businesses here in our community.  I would work to engage the residents and put together a long term community plan so we’re focused and working in a positive direction as a community. I would be a high energy hands on manager focused on bringing the community together, creating a sound financial plan that provides efficient government and makes us competitive while maintaining our quaint charm and quiet nature that makes Jay a great place to live.  I would also be very active soliciting county and state resources to secure grant monies and advocating for our town for much needed resources. 

Thomas McDonald

I am a registered Republican running for Town of Jay Supervisor as a Write in Candidate. As per Essex County Board of Elections, someone actively campaigning as a Write In Candidate is in fact a candidate.

I am campaigning for your support on November 2 as a WRITE IN candidate for Town of Jay Supervisor.

My name is Thomas McDonald and I have been on the town board for 14 years. I am currently serving as the Town of Jay Supervisor. I am a lifelong resident of the Town of Jay. My wife, Missy, and I have been happily married for 29 years and we have a 26 year old son, Daniel, and a 23 year old daughter, Katherine. I am a parishioner of Holy Name Church in Au Sable Forks and currently sit on the parish council as a trustee. I am also a member of Au Sable Forks Knights of Columbus Council 2301 and currently hold the position of Treasurer.

Currently the town is in the middle of several projects such as: Au Sable River restoration project in Upper Jay / Refurbishment of the water storage tank in the Au Sable water district / Water meters for Au Sable water district users / New roof on the Highway garage / Purchase of two new trucks for the highway / Roof repair on the Community Center / Improvements to the heating controls at the Community Center / New exterior lighting in the Jay park. 

I appreciate your support on Election Day and look forward to serving you as Town of Jay Supervisor. 

PS: To write me in for Town of Supervisor, go to the column for supervisor then follow the column to the bottom where it says write in. In the box write Thomas McDonald.  

Town Clerk

Carol Greenley-Hackel

I’m running as a Republican for Town of Jay Town Clerk.

I bring experience and a history to the position.  I’ve been doing this job for 16 years. I bring confidentiality, approachability and discretion. I offer flexibility. Although every office needs specific days and hours of operation, the office of Town Clerk is unique in its needs. Death certificates have a timeline set by the New York State Department of Health, so if someone passes on the weekend, or a holiday, office hours no longer apply. On a more pleasant note, people love to sneak away to the Adirondacks and get married in intimate little cabin settings; sometimes, that means coming in on the weekend, or an evening, and getting a marriage license issued so that couples can make a dream getaway wedding a reality. During the initial COVID lockdown of last year, I was working from home and many of you needed things…death certificates, copies of marriage licenses, dog licenses. So together, we found a new way to conduct business. As much as possible was done over the phone and via email, but what couldn’t be done that way was done in my backyard. My door is always open. Real life doesn’t always take place specific days of the week in an office.

I bring discretion. Always. What you tell me stays with me. The Food Pantry recently marked its 10th anniversary. Proudly, we can say that we’ve operated all ten of those years solely on donations and the kindness and generosity of the people of the Town of Jay. That’s commendable! Sometimes folks contact me at home because they are ashamed to say they need help. So we meet, put together a box of food, and it all stays between us. Imagine not being able to feed your babies and being too  embarrassed to ask for help? That never, ever, has to happen in our town. Call me…we’ll work something out.

I bring to the table a sense of service to community. I learned early in my career at the Town of Jay that life happens, and people need a hand up; from that knowledge, the Annual Thanksgiving Basket Drive and the Christmas Toy Drive came to life, and once again, the good people of the Town of Jay came together, and continue to come together, year after year- and they give. Oh, how they give. With a generosity that brings me to tears every single year.

It’s not about the title, the salary or the scheduled hours. It’s about people. It’s about leaving a place better than you found it. On November 2nd, I ask you to cast your vote for me. We’ve come so far, but there’s still so far to go, and I want to be here for all of it!  

Tom Matuszewski

My name is Tom Matuszewski most people call me Tommy Mats. I just had my 62 birthday in August. I’ve been visiting Jay, Willmington area for close to 55 years and have settled in The Hamlet of Jay. I am running for the Town of Jay, town clerks position. I retired at 57 years of age and now realize it was to soon.

My qualifications are as follows, owner operator of my own trucking company age 21. Arby’s restaurant manager high volume store with 26 employees age 23.
US Postal Service Tractor trailer driver 31 yrs. Co-employment with the USPS, shop steward, Director of Motor Vehicle American Postal Workers Union, then Vice President of the Greater Hicksville APWU. At the same time I was Director of Research and Education for NYS APWU 6yrs and Treasurer for NYS APWU 7 yrs. Until my retirement. I also worked for Sachem Central Schools Security which I was in charge of Security for a Jr. High School.

In my tenure with the APWU I had taken many classes in Quickbooks Accounting programs and Microsoft Excell which were used on a daily basis. I was in charge of handling all audits from the IRS , Workers Compensation and Department of Labor. This included payroll and Department of Labor management reports. As a union delegate I was the first person membership would see for many problems from work, personal or domestic issues that had to be held in the strickest of confidence. Some of my main goals as clerk is to help the residents of Jay ( clerk responsibilities, more), keep a orderly office and to help the incoming supervisor and staff if needed.

My wife and I settled in Jay over 5 yrs ago and we became quickly involved. We have volunteered at Christmas to help with the street lighting ( changing bulbs and re-stringing lights). I am also a furniture builder and have made some of the facades for Halloween that took place in the gymnasium. been volunteering time in helping rebuilding the children’s park on Randy’s lane. I am a frequent at many of the Jay town board meetings and have also attended many Ausable Valley River Association meetings ARVBA meetings This is my home. I asked my wife to marry me at mid station on Whiteface. I feel I can offer much more and give to the town.

Though the town clerks position is only 2 days a week, but I still have more to offer. Let’s make this years election not by party line or by popularity let’s vote the most qualified candidates in.

Town Councilman

Knut Sauer

I am running for Re-Election as Councilman in the Town of Jay.  I am on the Democratic and Independent “Vision for Jay” line.  I have brought high energy, dedication, hands on approach, and a drive for transparency and accountability to the council.  I have dedicated a lot of time and energy on educating myself through research, webinars & trainings and reading publications.  There is a lot to learn, and being a productive council member requires dedication, commitment, hands-on approach, and a significant time investment. With the experience I have gained the past 2 years I will be very productive and focus on moving the Town of Jay forward, providing continuity and support to the new incoming Supervisor.
With 26-year experience in international sales and marketing, strong financial & budget acumen, planning & project management experience I bring critical skills to the town council.  I am strongly advocating for better long-term planning, including an infrastructure improvement and capital equipment maintenance & replacement plan, and responsible fiscal management.  For 2021 budget we stopped the annual property tax increase after years of increases.
I am a very active community volunteer; AAPOA, founding member Au Sable River Valley Business Association, Rotary Club, North Country SPCA, ORDA/NYSEF.
As a hands-on member on the parks committee, we have done upkeep at Douglas Memorial Park, secured a grant for a pollinator garden, completed major upkeep at the Community Garden, in the process of upgrading our Children’s Park with grants and donations for play equipment and a pavilion.  I have spent significant time researching grants and identified a grant which if awarded would cover 50% of a Flood Wall protecting our main street and businesses.
We have made progress during my first 2 years on the board, wheels are in motion, but we have catching up to do, and it will take a hard work, dedication,  and community involvement to achieve our goals.  We need to aggressively pursue grants and other non-property tax revenue, explore options and ideas to broaden our tax base.  We must bring new business to town, capitalize on the growing tourism, encourage investors, and make Jay a place to stop, not just a town to pass through.  At the same time, we must find a balance for our residents and provide affordable housing, capitalizing on our strategic location, while preserving slower-paced, friendly atmosphere, and natural setting.

Olivia Dwyer

I am running for Town Council as a Democrat to serve and strengthen the Town of Jay.  I was born and raised in the Adirondacks, and I moved to Upper Jay in 2017 where I live with my husband and our beagle. My goal is to give back to the community that created the place where we live, work, and play.

My qualifications:

  • I earned a degree in natural resources management from Cornell University. This knowledge is essential for an elected official in a town vulnerable to floods, and a community where healthy forests and rivers are vital to a thriving economy.
  • For 10 years, I worked as a journalist focused on outdoor recreation, tourism, and the challenges that face rural mountain communities. I study issues deeply and talk to people of all backgrounds before drawing conclusions.
  • I have worked as a cleaner, restaurant server, and substitute teacher. These roles taught me customer service, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt quickly to unpredictable events.
  • As a foster care caseworker with the Essex County Department of Social Services, I supported families facing social, financial, and emotional difficulties. A town’s first responsibility is to meet the basic needs of its residents, and I know how to connect people to resources.
  • I now work for the Adirondack North Country Association as a resource navigator connecting business owners with services to support recovery from COVID’s economic impact. This prepares me to support current and aspiring business owners in Au Sable Forks, Jay, and Upper Jay.

My key goals if elected:

  • Transparent, frequent communication between the town and residents.
  • Develop a strategic plan that identifies town goals for the next 10 years, and how to achieve them. Include community members from Au Sable Forks, Jay, and Upper Jay in the process through volunteer-led committees and public meetings in each hamlet.
  • Connect with local and regional recreation groups to promote Jay’s outdoor activities.
  • Invest in public services (water, sewers, and roads), community assets (parks, downtown, and public facilities), and town employees to better serve taxpayers.
  • Build a welcoming community where everyone feels they belong.

If you share these goals, I would appreciate your vote for Town of Jay Town Council on November 2.

Stephen Forbes


I was born in Jay, NY and lived on the Hazen Rd in Jay for the first 6 years of my life. My family moved to Wilmington, NY where I lived with them for the next 14 years, until I built my home in Jay where I have lived for the past 33 years.

My background consists of working for the family businesses, Forbes Excavating for 12 years, until I opened Parkside Supply in Wilmington in 1998 which I have operated for 23 years.  I have also worked for Forever Wild Water Company since the mid 90’s and have been Water Operator since 1999.  I feel that my experience in business and working knowledge of machinery and equipment along with water company operations will be an important asset to the Town of Jay, as I understand the complexity of these departments and the importance of keeping budgets in check.

My #1 goal as Councilman is to have open communication and cooperation between ALL members of the Council, no matter their political party.  Without this, the Town cannot continue to grow and move forward.  Thank you again for your support, please be sure to get out and vote on November 2nd.

Wayne R. Frederick

Jody L. Hart

1. Party affiliation: Independent – Common Good (Line E)

2. Qualifications:  I regularly attend monthly town board meetings and special meetings, and participate in community activities.   Specifically, I have volunteered in several civic organizations:
• Izaak Walton League of America in Rome
• Junior League of Kingston
• Parish Council of Holy Name Church and later as a trustee
• The Au Sable Forks Ambulance squad as an EMT
• Au Sable Forks Fire Department Auxiliary

I also had the honor to serve as a Town of Jay representative on the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program for the Towns of Jay and Keene.

When I’m not volunteering, I work as the Manager of Animal Technical Services/Responsible Official for Select Agents/IACUC Chair at the Trudeau Institute, a biomedical research facility in Saranac Lake. I’ve managed several departments and programs at Trudeau Institute for the past 18 years, giving me a wide array of experience in program management, personnel management, regulatory compliance and budgeting. This professional experience, coupled with my personal history of community service, would be an asset to the residents living in Upper Jay, Jay and Au Sable Forks.

3. Key goals: I plan to bring a cooperative, active, hardworking presence to the board so we work for the common good of the community we serve. I am committed to representing and serving the residents of all three hamlets in an open and transparent manner, putting the needs of the town and its residents first. I want to see a board that:

• Fosters an environment of mutual respect
• Understands the needs of Upper Jay, Jay and Au Sable Forks as being individual and unique while still under one town
• Supports the town employees as best they can with respect to wages, benefits and working conditions
• Works to bring pride back to our communities by addressing the vacancies in our business district, dilapidated properties and green spaces that are being neglected
All while keeping the needs of our residents in mind and keeping taxes manageable.

Superintendent of Highways

Kevin Lincoln

Tax Collector

Lori Ducharme



Roy Holzer

Party Affiliation: Independent & Republican

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to write about my candidacy for Wilmington Town Supervisor. Although I am running unopposed, I do humbly ask the residents of the Town of Wilmington for their support.

My qualifications for Town Supervisor are varied.  Anyone that knows me understands that my sense of community runs deep. I have never needed an official title to help out friends and neighbors in our town.
In regards to my experience, I have lived in Wilmington my entire life. My family goes back generations. Connection to community has helped me in the position of Town Supervisor.  I have served in several volunteer and elected positions in the past. From being a volunteer fireman for 25 years to serving as both a Town Councilman and past Supervisor, I understand the fabric of our community.

The 22 years my wife Becky and I owned and operated the Little Super Market and Village Hardware prepared me to think in a business-like manner. Our connection to Wilmington did not stop there. We are currently developing the Whiteface Corners property and have worked hard to make this an asset to our town.

My goals for Wilmington remain to keep the public informed as much as possible of all things Wilmington. For the time I have been back in office, I have encouraged public participation and operated with transparency.

As we move into next year, I plan to work hard to continue the goals we set prior to the COVID pandemic of Homestead Housing, Economic Development and making our town services available in a business friendly manner.

In 2022 the Town of Wilmington will be 200 years old. Working with others, I plan to make it large part of my agenda to insure we fully acknowledge this historic milestone.

Even with the pandemic, I am proud of the work our team has accomplished. We have totally streamlined the town offices and made them into a professional setting. By working with the town staff, we have maintained a sense of community that most areas long for. 
In closing, I have never forgot who I work for in the job of Town Supervisor. I serve at the pleasure of our community.  Everything from the town budget to laws we enact on the local level have our residents in mind.

I bring that same mindset to the Essex County Board of Supervisors.
If anyone has any questions or concerns, as always, I am only a call away. 

Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Dawn Stevens


Tina L. Terry Preston

Stephanie L. Gates

Michelle L. Preston

Although not born here, I have lived in Wilmington for over 20 years and am proud to call

Wilmington my home. Over those 20+ years, I have had the opportunity to get close to many of you.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, let me take a moment to share a little bit about myself.

* I am registered as Independent and have been since I was 18 years old.

* I raised my 4 children here in this wonderful community.

* I am the widow of former Supervisor Randy Preston. While I won’t take credit for the work he accomplished, I had the pleasure of working behind the scenes on many projects with him therefore having inside knowledge and still remain in touch with many of his political contacts.

* I have worked at the Whiteface Visitors Bureau for 14 1/2 years. This position works closely with the town, however is not a town position and is run by an independent board of directors. Some of the events you may know me from organizing are:

* Wilmington Town Dinner (Newcomer’s Dinner at the Hungry Trout)

* Ausable 2 Fly Challenge

* Whiteface Uphill Bike Race and Foot Race

* Festival of Colors

* Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

* Farmer’s Market

* Other events and Committees you may know me from include:

* Wilmington Whiteface 100k

* Planning/Zoning Board Secretary

* Wilmington Christmas Celebration Committee

* Various Church functions at Calvary Baptist Church and Church of the Nazarene.

My desire to run for Town Council stems from my desire to see Wilmington thrive. We have a great, unique community unlike any other and I would like the opportunity to be a part of seeing it prosper without losing the character we all love so much. I welcome feedback from all of our town residents and am available if you have any questions.

Please feel free to email me at

Tim Follos

Party: Locals First (Independent)

Overarching Objectives:

• Preserve Wilmington’s small-town charm and character as a picturesque residential community.

• Prioritize Wilmington residents’ quality of life above other considerations in municipal decision making.

Specific Goals:

1) The biggest issue in the region is the lack of housing. Numerous factors have contributed to this problem and the pandemic has exacerbated it, but the single biggest cause of the housing shortage in the region is the explosion of short-term rentals (STRs) in the past decade.

Wilmington should take steps to rein in the Airbnb boom by, at a minimum, requiring a conditional use permit for non-owner occupied STRs outside of the commercial center of town (the “hamlet”). Wilmington should also require STR owners who operate businesses in areas zoned for residential use to contribute more to the town’s general fund.

I acknowledge that numerous Wilmington residents benefit from the operation of short-term rentals.
Nonetheless, the pervasive conversion of long-term rentals and owner-occupied homes into de facto hotels is a serious problem and is pushing longtime locals out of their own hometown.

2) Support the proposed land bank / Homestead Housing Initiative to help address the issues discussed above.
(Find more information about the Homestead Housing Initiative here:

3) Update our zoning codes to give the community more control over commercial development within the hamlet and more input regarding the commercial use of residential properties outside of the hamlet.

4) Ensure that the wages of full-time town employees keep pace with the cost of living and inflation.

5) Begin investigating the feasibility of a trail connecting Wilmington’s trail system with Lake Placid / the Tri-Lakes Rail Trail.

6) Take steps to gauge community support for unifying Wilmington within a single school district. (Related goal: Advocate for the use of non-binding referenda within Wilmington to more accurately measure public opinion about important or controversial topics.) 


• Wilmington native

• Bachelor’s degree in Government (Georgetown University, 2004)

• Law degree (Vermont Law School, 2020)

• Attorney (admitted in NY and Vermont)

• More than a decade of experience as a reporter, writer, and editor. Previous employers include The Adirondack Daily Enterprise, The Washington Post Company, and Federal News Service.


If you would like to schedule a time to talk, in person or by phone, please email


Superintendent of Highways

Louis P. Adragna



Joe Pete Wilson

I am a Democrat running for re-election as Supervisor of the Town of Keene. I have served in this position for the past 4 years. I feel like we have accomplished a lot, but there are still more challenges because we face tremendous growth pressures. Some of the major issues I have addressed are managing hiker traffic, managing the two water districts in Keene, and developing a community master plan.

When I took office in 2017, hiker parking in the hamlet of Keene had a major impact on safety and quality of life for residents. Regularly, Adirondack and Market streets were clogged with parked cars and residents could not get in or out of their driveways. The most effective solutions to fix this have been No Parking Signs, Front Country Stewards at the Garden and Marcy Field to direct hikers, and lots of education via social media and the press. These have led to significant improvements on the problem.

When I took office, both water districts in Keene were behind on maintenance and required major capital projects and repairs. So far, I have worked with our water superintendent, Essex County DPW, and the Au Sable River Association to implement projects that solve the problems.  Our water districts can’t afford to borrow lots of money or continuously raise rates. I have utilized grant money when available and worked with partners to help the districts get work done.

During Covid, I worked with volunteers from our community to identify and address issues critical to the health and growth of our town. This volunteer driven effort produced a strategic plan that was approved by the town board. Now, we are following up and taking steps to implement our plan. For example, Keene is an Age Friendly Community and a Clean Energy Community. 

These three issues need continued focus to make progress. Additionally, the market for recycling and trash has changed greatly since 2018.  We are trying to adapt to the new realities and develop an affordable, sustainable plan for operating our transfer station.  

Keene is a small town with a small budget to match, but we face growth pressures that demand the resources of a much larger town. If we are going to be successful at keeping the character of Keene, we are going to have to work hard to manage these pressures.

Cori-Anne Favro

How I would take the role of supervisor:

I see the town supervisor position to be a position of positive servant leadership. Not dictating what the town is doing and what direction it is going. The supervisor should be there to help cultivate ideas from the board and from the residents. Listening to feedback and ideas from the people it affects. The supervisor then holds teams accountable to do the task at hand, help solve if something is not working and do the best thing for the Town of Keene and its taxpayers. The Supervisor is the voice of Keene on a county level, representing the people and acting on what the people of Keene would want. To create a thriving community a supervisor uses the strengths of the board, department heads and community to innovate, create and communicate. The supervisor and the board should use feedback from the community to create positive change and growth. Synergy of group knowledge and communication is when things get done.


I’ve worked for eAssist Dental solutions for over 7 years. Which is a highly innovative company that has been 6 years on the inc.5000 fastest growing company in the US. As a leader for this company I have been trained through Harvard Business School online through case studies and leadership courses. I successfully managed over 50 teams and launched over 200 services to clients all over the country. Not only did I manage teams, I also created management and accountability systems, and a contractor hub called eAssist nation. Which services over 1600 contractors. I am also a EMT and firefighter for Keene Volunteer fire department and EMS and president of the Parent Teacher Committee. I was born and raised in Keene and now raising my children here along with my husband Josh. 

What I would like to see:

I would like to see more pride in our community facilities and services. Innovation in services to provide more cost efficiency and ease of use. I would like to make sure we are supporting our youth and elderly. I would like to plan out phased updates to all sidewalks, and crosswalks. Updates and innovation at the transfer station, by implementing better recycling programs, a full cost analysis and adding in a composting program. I would like to make the transfer station more of a resource recovery park, less going into the landfill. I would like to look at updates for outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, bike parks, and skating rinks. Bringing more arts to the area so parents do not have to drive out of Keene for these events. Above all, more communication. Implement a town newsletter with updates. Communication within the board and community involvement by using multiple sources of outreach to make sure we are getting feedback from everyone that decisions will affect. 
My main goal is to create a community of support, where we can come together to make things happen. That happens when you are transparent, you welcome different opinions and you listen. I truly care for my community and the people who live here. Thank you for your support. 

Town Clerk

Kimberly Ellen Smith

I am running on the Republican line as well as an Independent candidate of the  “Dedicated” party. There are many responsibilities that coincide with the title. This position is also designated the Tax Collector, the RMO (Records Management Officer), and the Registrar of Vital Statistics for the town. My goal is to uphold each of these responsibilities to the best of my ability.
I am familiar with each of the duties delegated and am confident in my ability to serve as Town Clerk. I have worked in the Town Clerk’s office as Records Clerk and Deputy Tax Receiver for the town of Queensbury for the past 17 years. During this time, I became familiar with the records retention and disposition guidelines as well as initiated a content management records system. This system allows for records to be scanned, indexed, and more transparent while also increasing their preservation. I plan to do the same for the Town of Keene. I have experience writing Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund grants through the NYS Department of Education and will pursue these grants to create an appropriate records retention system for the town of Keene.
As an elected official, the Town Clerk also has the right to decide the appropriate hours, days, and availability in order to (1) Uphold the regulations placed upon the positions and (2) Best serve the residents. My promise to you is that it will be my full-time commitment to achieve both!

One of my priorities is to take detailed, accurate, non-partisan Town Board meeting minutes. These official minutes become the history of the Town. I know that it takes dedication, knowledge of the laws and regulations of this position, and a lot of behind the scene hours to make it all work. As the Town Clerk, I will keep abreast of any changes in procedures by attending seminars, trainings, and through the working relationships with other members of municipal government.
I am looking forward to serving Keene in the years to come! I am asking for your support, your consideration, and your vote in the upcoming General Election on November 2nd. If you have any questions for me, please contact me via email at

Anna M.K. Whitney

Town Justice

Barbara S. Dwyer

Christopher P. Daly

I am running as an independent and did not seek a major party nomination. I believe justice is not Republican or Democratic  – justice is independent. Yes, Town Justices are elected officials, but they are first and foremost judges administering justice according to the law and without bias or favor. 

Before recently retiring from my law firm, I was a practicing lawyer for 30 years. Over the course of my long legal career I have developed the experience, the judgment and the discretion to serve as a Town Justice.

With your support I can put my knowledge and experience to work for the people of Keene in helping to administer justice in the town. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Town Councilman

Teresa M. Cheetham-Palen

I am running as a Democratic incumbent for Town Council in Keene, NY. Previously, I have served for 12 years on the Keene Central School Board, with 6 years as Board President. I have served on the Keene Town Council for the past 4 years and am seeking a second term.

During my first term, we began the process of updating aging documents including our Employee Handbook and our Strategic Plan. In 2019, we began the two-year process seeking community wide feedback and enlisting over 70 volunteers to develop the strategic planning document. The community driven process identified Achievable Housing, Child Care, Senior & Health Care, Recreation Infrastructure, and Short-Term Rental Regulation as our main areas of concern. The plan was unanimously adopted by the Town Council in June of 2021. With step one complete the hard work begins!


If elected, I will devote a second term to step two, implementation of the recommendations outlined in the Strategic Plan. As chair of the Housing Task Force, I will continue researching and developing viable middle-income and Senior housing in our community. I am a member of the Short-Term Rental Regulation Task Force working to create balance between this incredible economic opportunity and the need to develop and maintain adequate year-round housing for families, employees and Seniors.


A quarter of Keene’s population is comprised of Senior Citizens and the median age is 50. In order to improve services for seniors, Keene is seeking the Age Friendly Community Designation. As a member of this  committee,  I am working to identify, not only the strengths and supports that are in place for Seniors, but areas needing improvement. The focus is to ensure access to quality healthcare, universal housing, accessible recreation facilities and transportation.

Other challenges:

Addressing the maintenance issues in our aging buildings will require creative problem solving. The Community Center, Town Hall, Library and Transfer Station will all require attention in the coming years.


I look forward to another 4 years to capitalize on the momentum established with the 2021 Strategic Plan and to treat this as a living document to help guide us as we set future goals. I look forward to continuing as liaison to the Keene Diversity Advisory Committee, liaison to the Keene Clean Energy Team and the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Robert M. Biesemeyer

Mary C. Molly Lawrence

Sadie Kaltenbach

Richard Guy Smith

Superintendent of Highways

Scott C. Smith


Town Councilman

Andrea Baer

I’m a passionate supporter of the Town of Chesterfield, NY.

Seventeen years ago I married Steven Baer, one of Chesterfield’s native sons. Together we’re raising our fourteen-year-old son, Cortland. After many enjoyable visits over the years, we permanently relocated to Keeseville six years ago with the desire to raise our son in this community. I was skeptical about the move then, thinking my life would be boring and slow. I was so wrong!

Learning the history and meeting residents of Keeseville and surrounding areas has given me a new vision of a future here. My vision now is of a safer, more vibrant, robust community with a prosperous future for residents and their children. Committed to action, I have experience and energy to make that vision a reality.

I have valuable business experience to put to work in Chesterfield. I founded, and have been operating a successful, local retail business. I owned, managed and sold a prosperous real estate business. Before moving here, I worked as a Director of Events for a 3000-member Chamber of Commerce, managing and executing about 100 events a year. I also worked in banking for over twenty-five years in various positions such as Business Development Officer, Branch Supervisor, Staff Accountant and Human Resources Manager.

I have energy as a volunteer! I serve on local boards and committees of not-for-profit organizations, working to increase water quality and broadband access. I’m part of an effort to reveal hidden history and preserve our historic buildings. I volunteer in our local schools, and am an active church member.

Socializing and building relationships with parents, I realize we all have the same dreams for our children and our community. Educate children locally and hope they stay. But if they leave, they should have the option to return to a community that has jobs or strong financial support to start their own businesses.

Tourism here does well, however the Town of Chesterfield has so much more to offer. I’m the best candidate to help in the development of our communities, not only for visitors but also to sustain a successful, healthy family life for future generations.

Make your vote matter! I’m asking you for your vote and it would be an honor to serve you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

John S. Casey

Richard J. Klages